Marketing Strategies For Successful Agents

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Real Estate

With nearly 2 Million real estate agents throughout the United States, competition can be fierce. Not only do you need to have skills in sales and negotiating, but you need be setting yourself apart from other agents. Real estate professionals are still a vital part of the home buying and selling process, and with many consumers starting the process online, agents need to do more to stand out. Here are some marketing strategies that many successful agents use in their business every day.  

1. Get Social – Make sure you are set-up on at least 1-2 social media platforms. I personally recommend Facebook and Instagram but use the ones that you’re the most comfortable with. Remember, more isn’t always better here. If you can keep up with multiple platforms, go for it, but don’t get caught up in just posting. You have to interact with your followers as well. Not using social media right now? Select one and learn it well before trying to add more into your business. Leverage your social media to show that you are a local REALTOR® who knows and understands the area. This is your opportunity to become a community expert.  

2. Professional Photography – Don’t be the DFW real estate agent that walks through a home with your phone to snap photos. Professional photography helps pull buyers into the home. When they look at the photos they want to feel as though they are walking through the home. This is one of those times when spending money should help you make money.  

3. Get Involved – When consumers hire a real estate agent, they want to make sure they are working with someone who knows and understands the area. Some of the best ways to generate leads is to get involved in the community. You can do so by purchasing sponsorships for the local sport teams, attending PTA meetings or sitting on a local board.  

4. Closing Gifts – I always recommend purchasing some type of gift to give to your clients at the closing table. If possible, always make it personal as this is a great way for your clients to remember you whenever they see the piece in their home.  

5. Reviews and Referrals – Although you don’t want to call your clients every month, a great way to build your pipeline is by asking your clients to write a review for you and if they know of anyone looking to buy or sell. Provide an incentive to as a thank you for the review or referral they send to you.