How Coldwell Banker is Revolutionizing Real Estate

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Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is revolutionizing the way that real estate agents do business. With the power of both NRT and Coldwell Banker, these DFW REALTORS® are leading the transformation on how agents market properties.   

First, they are wowing their clients by developing customized listing presentations through Moxi Present. Agents who have adopted the Moxi Present tool into their business on average close 43% more transactions. Moxi allows agents to build their entire listing presentation without having to use multiple programs. Agents are able to send copies of the presentation directly to their client, and if the comps that they chose update in MLS, the presentation automatically updates as well. This allows sellers to refer back to the comps at any time to see how their listing stands-up to the competition. Agents are able to embed additional photos and videos into the presentation, enabling them to look more professional and knowledgeable.   

When it comes to marketing a property, no other brokerage can come close to what Coldwell Banker has to offer. The exclusive CBx Technology Suite gives agents access to data and predictive analytics to customize their marketing plan, including the capabilities to build a buyer profile that matches the consumer most likely to purchase a listing. This gives Coldwell Banker agents the opportunity to directly market to that demographic. In addition to building the buyer profile, the exclusive marketing program gives agents the opportunity to get their clients homes in D Magazine, 360 West and on TV.   

Coldwell Banker agents aren’t just working to sell listings fast, they’re also working to find more sellers. Not only does the CBx Technology Suite allow agents to build buyer profiles, but it recently integrated Seller Leads. CBx Seller Leads works to identify properties that are likely to list in the coming weeks. By looking at homes that are currently on the market, or recently sold, the system identifies key characteristics that these homes have in common. It then takes those characteristics and matches them to homes in the area that are likely to list, giving agents a whole new level of generating leads.